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I’m now in week 8 of my 12-week-trainings plan by Runtastic Results. Just one month before I’m done, it’s time to do a review.

My own training plan is designed for muscle growth in terms of bodybuilding/body styling. So I do 8-10 reps per set. Therefore I would describe myself as an experienced person when it comes to workout plans and how to target a muscle with different exercises. That’s why I waited longer to write a review for this app, than I first intended. Because now I can tell you more about the “personal training plan” the Runtastic Results App is providing in its paid version.

After signing up and filling in all your measurements, you are ready to go!

You can either choose one of the pre-set workouts or personal ones. For the pre-set training, they are tagged with the approximately time you need to finish the workout and if you can do it at home (if it is ‘silent’) or if you need to go outside. For the personal training plan the app will ask you to do a short fitness test. With the results from the test, the algorithm puts together a 12 week trainings-plan. For me this ‘fitness test’ was really hard. I wasn’t used to doing as many reps as possible in a specific time. I thought ‘Wow, I got 12 hard weeks in front of me!’. But then I started with my 1st week and was a bit disappointed! I expected a super hard bodyweight workout, but got a really easy 10 min workout. At the end of each workout you can rate the workout: ‘Easy’, ‘Ok’ and ‘Hard’. The algorithm needed about 3 weeks to get the training plan to my level. (Keep in mind that my endurance is not the best.)Runtastic Results (c)

Lets talk about the personal workouts. Each workout targets the big muscle groups (chest, legs and torso), but I recognized that despite the over 140 exercises, that are available, the algorithm doesn’t alternate them properly. Most of the time the plan tells me to do pushups, squats and sit-ups with some small alternations but not enough of it! For example I always have to do the same kind of pushups. This specific pushup the app suggests actually doesn’t target the pectoral muscle that much, but more the triceps (the ‘back’-muscle of the upper arm). That’s not a bad thing, but in my opinion changing the position of your hands from close to wide, would target the pectoral muscle better. A beginner would not know such things and in my opinion that is a big flaw, because in this particular case you can actually do more reps than with my variation. Despite the lacking in alternation, the Runtastic Results App reacts on your ratings and puts together nice little workouts for people with not that much time. This point also was one of the biggest insights using the app. I actually can squeeze in a workout everyday and everywhere! I don’t need a gym or even a pull-up bar at home, because just with my bodyweight I will do fine.

Runtastic Results (c) lukashavranek.comRuntastic also offers some knowledge about nutrition and hydration, but the informations you’ll find there are really basic. Sometimes it’s not that well written and too little information to make it an informativ text. Funny fact, I actually found a little mistake, maybe you could change that Runtastic team? In Week 3, where they tell you about the basics of Carbohydrates (Carbs), they tell you that 100g of raw pasta are 120g of carbs and that is not even possible! 100g can’t turn to 120g. The right specifics are: 100g of raw pasta are equal to 67.5g of carbs.

I would recommend the Runtastic Results App mostly for beginners, because there are videos for every exercise, which protects them for doing the motions wrong. You even don’t need to think about workout plans, the app will do that for you. Just focus on your nutrition and you will see results after the 12 weeks. Even when you are experienced, like me, it’s a good app, but you will think more about the plans and recognise the little flaws I mentioned. Nevertheless it’s a good app for in-between workouts and when you purchase the premium membership you can use it with all the other Runtastic Apps.
I know 60€ are a lot of money for one year, but even other apps that offer such personal training plans (I actually just found one.) charge you the same!

I will write another shorter review, when I’m done with my 12 week program.

6 thoughts on “Bodyweigth Training With Runtastic Results”

  1. customization isn’t really working. on my test, i did 30 pushups but 67 squats. yet, the “customized” workout make me do equal number of pushups and squats. there’s no option to tell the app that i can’t complete a set. needs some work.

    • Well actually there is an option to tell the app that the program is to hard! At the end of each workout you can choose how you felt and how the workout felt while doing it! If you say ‘too hard’ then the program will adjust and make it easier or harder! It should adjust over time… In my case, as already said, the app needed 3 weeks to provide a good workout!
      But you are right too! The app isn’t perfect. For example there could be more alternation of exercises in the personal workout plans.


  2. Hey what is the name of the other application you found (just using bodyweight)?

    “I know 60€ are a lot of money for one year, but even other apps that offer such personal training plans (I actually just found one.)”

    What are the results after the 12 weeks program?

    • The other app was at that time Freeletics Bodyweight – which offers nearly the same (maybe a little bit more) for the same price! I just found on the app store another app named: Gymatic: Auto Workout Log Workout Tracker which should also track your movement in case you got an apple watch! But I need to test it first if it is any good! 🙂 I linked you both apps! Just klick on them!!

      Well in my case there weren’t any results which you can see, like loosing weight or gaining muscle! But it changed my opinion about bodyweight training and that it’s an good option for me if I’m on holidays or if I want to squeeze in an workout without going to the gym 😉

  3. I am now in week 7…. from week 5 to 6 I noticed a massive change in difficulty. My week 6 was gruelling and was unable to complete any set or day without modifying it. Looking at my week 8 schedule , it appears to be another massive increase in expectations. Not sure how I’m gonna do it as week 7 wasn’t as hard and I had to modify.

    Can anyone shed any light on this ?

    I will try my best

    • Hmm… I have to admit I don’t use the app at the moment. But I remember that I had that also once! I then had to vote the workout as ‘too hard’ and I think after two weeks it was again manageable!
      But just do your best! Make longer breaks or just leave one set of one of the exercises as a break so that you can recover.. . I kinda like to go to my limits and don’t stop wenn I feel nauseous, maybe I’m not a good ‘role model’ in case of sports ;P. Maybe that’s why I didn’t really had the feeling that the difficulty increase was that much more often.

      But just stay motivated and do your best. 😀

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