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Today I’m introducing to you a new ‘subcategory’. So I’ll start to write not only about fashion but also about Tech and maybe some other things I just want to write about! So starting today with a Tech post about the ‘Samsung Gear S’. The Gear S is a smartwatch which not only can work paired to your smartphone but also as a standalone mobile device. You can either pair it with every Wi-Fi or put a SIM card in it and leave your phone at home. You can check texts, emails, updates and stream or listen to music.

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The watch has a curved AMOLED display. You can either scroll through all your notifications or check them through their app on the watch. It also can track your activity or guide you through the city with a navigation app. It has 4GB of internal memory, it weights 84g, has Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, GPS, all common frequencies and data types (Main 2G CDMA, Main 3G CDMA) and a battery life that should last from 1-4 days. If you want more information just visit their WEBSITE.

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My Opinion:

When you want buy a smartwatch and are starting to look for one, there are plenty of them already on the market! One of the firsts was from Pebble (which I actually own too), and it was a great watch for its time, but I kind of missed that it did not have a colored screen! Even though the company said that the watch has a longer battery life with the E-Reader like screen it didn’t last very long because I got so many notifications from all the social media I have. But still, it is a great watch. Now we have the Apple Watch which I can’t really say anything about, because I haven’t got one. And in the middle of these two there is the Samsung Gear S. It does everything what it’s supposed to do. Even the heartbeat tracker works pretty fine (I tested it parallel to a pulse oximeter and they were both pretty close to my counting by hand.) I also liked the navigation and the sport and sleep cycle tracker. But every time I start wearing a smartwatch, I instantly get reminded why I always put it down after some weeks. First: I hate that I have to charge it like every 12-24h. Maybe I have to many notifications on, but if I turn them all off, I don’t see why I should use a smartwatch at all. On low usage I got a maximum of 48h without charging the Gear S. And here comes the next point: If you want to track your sleeping cycle you need to charge the watch before you go to bed. Normally I lost about 10-20% of my power through the night just by running the tracker. And of course if you are a person like me ,who doesn’t like the feeling of something attached to your wrist while sleeping, it’s horrible to keep on. On the other side you can use the silent alarm for waking up, so that you don’t disturb other people. That’s actually a really nice feature! The only problem here is ME „tongue“-Emoticon, because I always get used to alarms and have to change them therefore every 2-3 months. After 2 weeks the vibration didn’t wake me anymore.

Samsung Gear S (c)

Now my PERSONAL biggest problem with (every) smartwatch: As already mentioned I like to get nearly all my push-notifications to show up on my watch, so that I don’t need to look at my phone anymore – which every brand tells you is the advantage of those watches. So if I configurate the watch, I just keep the vibration on my phone for text-messages. So when I met my friends or went to university I turned the night-mode on my phone on and only had the watch for notifications. One time whilst having only my watch on one of my group chats started to go crazy. Imagine a watch vibrating for about 1-2 hours with approximately 200 messages!! Believe me, you don’t want that during a seminar or just your coffee break with a friend. After 30 minutes I turned the device off. Not just because of the vibration, but also because you always wanted to check your phone, because you KNOW you have received messages. But that’s actually not a negative point if you want to have it that way! There is only ONE really negative point: The watch comes witch a cable and a little extra battery-pack, which you can take with you to give the watch a little power boost during your day. Which is a nice idea, BUT you ALWAYS need this little battery-pack to charge your watch! So if you forget it, but you got a micro-usb cable with you, there is no way of charging your watch.

Samsung Gear S (c)

On the whole, it’s a great device! I liked the idea that you can use it as a standalone device too, just don’t try to text someone back or write an email! It’ll drive you crazy „smile“-Emoticon. You can track your activity, have a little navigation on your wrist, listen to music. The curved AMOLED display is great and also the different watch-faces you can download. But I have to admit, it’s not really something for me, even if I like tech that much, and I’ll definitely will buy another smartwatch sometime in the future.

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